Strategies for product placeholder that visually fits with the style of the website


I’m working on a few e-commerce websites right now and I find that in somes cases I don’t have an image to put with the product itself. I know I could go with a “missing” image or a blob but they all seem to break the visual presentation.

On one of those projects I ended up putting a very pixelated image (with a clear backdrop) to show we got no image. The feedback is not great so it’s a double edge sword. If it looks good, people think something’s broken. If it look bad (we’re missing content) people think it’s ok…

So, what is it you do when planning a site where you know you’ll be missing images or content?

I’m putting a link to the site (not a shameless plug) so you can see what I meant by the pixelated image (maybe you’ll have the “ah ah!” idea that I am missing):

Thanks in advance,