Storing Data (Database or Local)

Hi, i am in the process of building a small app for a charity swim.

It is a very simple app that allows the participants to enter in their training records each day, in the build up to the race day. They will be training for 12 weeks in total, and the app will allow them to enter in the following each day.

02 - TIME

I am trying to decide if i should get the users to sign up and store their information in a database, OR if i should just allow them to use the app straight away, and then store all of their info within the app.

If i didn’t add the Sign Up and database feature, the app data would load quicker etc, however if the person loses their phone, they will have no way to recall the data that they built up within the app.

Can anyone offer any advice on this, should i store to a database or internally? Is there any other pros / cons to either option? Thanks in advance for your help.

If it is for personal use only, I would store the data on their device.

You can do both. Store it in their phones and, when they close the app then send it to your database.

It really depends on the needs and the importance of the data and the importance of the competitions, etc

Ok, thanks guys.

In addition to reading, it can be instructive to use the DB tools to examine the execution plan that the database uses on your queries. In addition to getting insight into how it is working, you can experiment with techniques to optimize the queries with a better feedback loop.

Cool, good point.

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