Saving Setting Option (Local or Database)


I am adding various intro pop up screens / messages to my app that explain various parts of the app… such as:



This section allows you to… etc.

don’t show this again


User’s can click the ‘don’t show this again’ option and the setting will be saved,so that they don’t see the message again, however i am trying to decide where to save this setting.

Which do you think is a better method?

A - save the setting to locally within the app (quicker access, but would future updates cause problems)

B - save the setting to the user’s profile in the database (slower, but would not effect future updates)

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I would go with option B because it is personal for each user.

I do not think there will be an appreciable speed penalty because the “don’t show this” option will be accessed server side and most probably be fractionally faster because there is less data to render.

Whoops - meant A and not B

Thanks John.

I was just worried that future updates could overwrite or lose the config setting if saved locally.

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