Still IE6 support or not?

Is IE6 compatibility still expected when offering html/css services?

And how is about you or your company?

It would depend on a number of factors including:

What percentage of visitors to the site still use that browser.
How important that it is that everyone see the site looking exactly the same.
Whether or not the owner is paying the (approx) double fee for getting the page to work in IE6 as well as in more modern browsers (when someone other than the site owner is doing the work).

Easiest way to see is install Google Analytics on your websites. This will gauge what your users are using. I would believe the percentages are very very small at this point.

Coincidentally I just reviewed all of my sites today and not one hit with IE6. yay!

Most of my clients are happy to let IE6 have a degraded experience these days but still want the site to be usable. That means I don’t have to spend time chasing pixels around the screen trying to make everything exactly the same but I do need to make sure the page is functioning.

If you let IE6 have the simple stuff that you know works then its little effort to keep it in a basic working state (no transparency, no round corners, no fancy effects etc.) .

As mentioned above it should really be your site statistics that determine to some extent who you need to support. If you were aiming at some eastern countries then you’d probably find that majority are using ie6.

(There was a good article about the correlation of IE6 users and the number of illegal windows copies being used meaning that those users could never upgrade IE6 because they were using illegal copies.)

Off Topic:

MS eventually eliminated the WGA validity check for the installation of newer versions of IE, most likely because MS didn’t want browser vulnerabilities kicking around.