Should you allocate for IE 6 still?

Hi Folks,

I know this is an age old question, but do people still expect their sites to work in IE 6 and do you code your client sites with this in mind?

I use alot of CSS 3 code nowadays, and my sites look horrible in IE 6.

How do you guys allocate for IE 6 if you still do? Are the conditional statments a good enough method to serve up a different style sheet for early version of IE?

Any advice very much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Should they look nice and shiny in Internet Explorer 6? Not at all. Should Internet Explorer 6 users still be able to perform the same tasks as everyone else? Absolutely!

Usable and accessible, doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty.

IE6 is pretty easy to cater for as all the bugs are known now and it shouldn’t take much so that it is at least usable. It doesn’t have to be pretty as others have said but I always try to accomodate it where I can. However a lot of people are dropping support for it but in most cases you can offer something rather than nothing.

There’s an interesting article here on how to test for different versions of IE.

In answer to your questions, yes. Unfortunately, many people are still using IE6 and designers and coders need to make the sites look good as much as possible. There are some things that just won’t work in IE6 but the pages can be designed so that those areas remain blank without looking too empty. As far as amiss alignments, creating another css with specifications for correct alignment in IE6 will solve that problem.

What makes your site look horrible? Blank spaces? overflow?