IE6 falls to 4.9%

I’ve always said a public facing site should explicitly support any browser with more than 5% market share. Checking I see that IE6 fell to 4.9% for the first tine in November.

Exciting times!

4.9% of your site’s visitors is still a significant chunk of people though! For me, it’s business as usual - make sure the site is usable in IE6, even if it ain’t pretty,

It’s good that IE6’s share is dropping so low but you should check your site statistics before you drop support in case you have a higher number of IE6 users (for one of many reasons).

Some people argue that there are still almost as many IE6 users as there were at its height in 2004 when it had 80% of the market share. The number of people online has increased dramatically over the last few years and other browsers have been increasing in use thus reducing the IE6 share while not always meaning there are less users. Statistics never tell the whole story :slight_smile: ( I actually think that the number of IE6 users is dropping though but they do still account for millions of people.)

However, some of my clients are finally happy if IE6 doesn’t quite look the same as other browsers as long as it is functional. Previously it had to look the same without fail so some progress is being made :slight_smile:

Yes, I know 5% is still 1 in 20 :frowning:

Obviously IE6 It still matters a lot but I’m not going to fret too much about the odd semi transparent PNG any more.

I don’t routinely test my sites in Konqueror or IceWeasel but I think IE6 does deserve special consideration as it needs a little bit more hand holding than most other browsers.

Are you sure those places you read 5% didn’t have a decimal point in front. 0.5% makes far more sense for any site with a decent number of visitors since even if you only have 2000 visitors a day 0.5% is still 3650 visitors a year.

5% is just an arbitrary figure I’ve always worked to. Possibly though, these are different times.

Good times for some websites, but not all. Like Stevie D, I make sure that a site functions well in IE6, though I’m no longer making much of an effort to have every visual enhancement render in IE as a whole.

It’s different when I have a client whose main audience is located in, say, Asia or Africa where IE6 (and lower) is still amongst the most popular browser versions in use today (approx. 50% market share). There are plenty of European countries where IE6 also has a very high market share to this day, so it’s difficult to ignore that factor as a designer.

Yup, worldwide stats don’t seem to reflect what I’ve got here: high IE usage. IE6 did drop significantly last year about around the end of summer, but it’s still got more users than Opera, Safari and Chrome combined. : (

Same here. 10–15% share for IE6 is common. Wide variations depending on audience too. Seems no good reason to base browser support policy on 3rd party stats.