Steve Jobs has passed away

Steve Jobs is an icon of technology revolution. Steve RIP.

Yeah, sorry I’m so late posting. I just found the post and agree we will all miss his inovative spirit. R.I.P Steve. Touch screen technology certainly has taken a giant leap forward and unlike most, I’m sure Apple will remain top draw for some time. There can be no doubt that he has left his mark on Apple, one they won’t forget for some time.
Thinking back I always thougt of Steve Jobs as the vilain who overpriced the original MAC OS and gave the world to Bill Gates by doing so. I realize now that it was only his apparent presance as the face of Apple at the time and not necessarilly true. MAC OS, $450 and WINDOWS OS $99.95 is all I can remember and that I was very upset when Microsoft lost a legal battle over their browser installation INTERNET EXPLORER on computers that he clearly outbid the other contenders by price alone. The resulting browser wars didn’t stop the continued development of computer technology, it acctually added further development. Though Bill Gates may be conscidered the father/big daddy of the computer world today it will only be because of his grasp of what people realy want, ‘a lower price’. Steve Jobs acctually got the ‘CokeaCola’ principle in the end and was not reduced along with Apple to ashes. They are a force to be reconed with and that is due in no small part to Steve Job’s resilance. Many would have givin up a long time ago. I know he said it right, ‘You do what you love to do, and that’s the bottom line’.
Thanks forever, Mr. Steve Jobs. We will all miss you dearly.:frowning:

I never could accept the idea that he is no more ((((