Found this in Internet and as programmer I agree this about Denis Ritche

I found this in the internet

As a programmer i agree Ritche has greater effect on my life.Infact may be ritche work’s made me able to buy steve products.

So,ritche deserves respect.

Note:By no means I tend to question over the greatness of steve.He change the people’s life.But Ritche laid the foundation of many thing.As a child i use to read ritche.
The photo is not made by me ,rather i found it in facebook

everyone knows iphone (programmers and non programmers) but only programmers know C language
and that’s why everyone knows Steve and was considered a hero.

Its about the marketing chief.

Jobs created and branded a single closed source system.

Ritchie created something that was then branded uniquely by lots of other folks.

That’s why no one knew ritchie (few ever heard of him) but everyone knew Jobs (because everyone heard of him).

It’s all about the marketing.

do you guys remember a commercial for andree Agassi in in the ninties
“Image is Everything”
and that’s the difference between the two

I agree.Its all about marketing and there was more coverage when jackson died than when steve died.
But riche’s death didn’t enough attention.

Even being a pro i bet most of programmers know ritche died last month…
and atleast we can do something to make more people know about this great man…

He has say in virtually most of modern pro langauge even php which is used by almost 60% of the scripter and on which facebook has been made…