Steps to get 100 visitors per day

Hi everybody,

Anybody knows what are the steps to fallow to get 100 visitors per day,


Same as to get 1000, or 100,000 a day.

Build quality content that people want to read, and get some links.

To add zeroes, just build more quality content and get more quality links.

and also, you may do need to have your keywords, the competitive ones/which of course has high searches be on top of search engines, that’ll surely give you visits you always wanted.

Add not only some interesting contents but also entertaining contents that will make you have returning visitors…

Hi Enaviyaseo, I think the steps to get 100 visitors per day is no different from getting one! Just like any business, if you have repeat visitors, the number will surely grow and the base gets bigger and bigger. But you need time and patience, just like everyone else. Try StumbleUpon as I get relatively good response for my article, [I][URL=“”]Lifting the Veil of Conspiracy on Sun Tzu’s Art of War[/I]. Almost 500 hits in three hours, but the traffic is only temporary.

According to Adam Lasnik give your visitors something to enjoy with on your site. I’m sure you’ll get 100 of visitors per day.

We are talking about different things then. My site is not a commercial site. It is more a site to fulfill my passion for writing non-fiction and to learn new things at the same time. If it makes some money out of Adsense to cover the hosting, that will be great. If not, it’s okay… after all, the cost is not as high as many other hobbies such as playing golf, LOL. Anyway, I know that the position of my Google Adsense is “wrong”. Giving it more prominence will make it more effective but I do not want it to obstruct the text of the articles, which is the main reason for visitors coming to my site.

Apparently, the first question was: “Anybody knows what are the steps to follow to get 100 visitors per day?” No mention was made about conversion or getting how many visitors to make a specified sum of money.

100 unique visitors a day doesn’t seem like a very successful site. What would be a reasonable minimum figure?

Every site starts somewhere. 100 a day via Google is more valuable than 100 a day via StumbleUpon.

well … 100 visitors per day ? from where to come this visitors ? from search engines ? … if you that wanted to ask its easy … really easy thing , just build your site and start to promote it , go to forums like you come there … :slight_smile: go to some social bookmarks and do same thing … and like jonbey sayd … :slight_smile: when you wanna more do MORE … . Anyway for search engines content its king ! focus on content ( write / copy / hire others to write for you … ) use your imaginations …

Hi Jonbey, that was not my question. I am consistently having 100 unique visitors a day, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal. I was just wondering how many unique customers I should have to consider that my website has finally arrived. 500 as a minimum? StumbleUpon visitors are just bonuses that I cannot rely upon on a daily basis.

Hi, I was still answering the first question.

Originally Posted by ekompute
100 unique visitors a day doesn’t seem like a very successful site. What would be a reasonable minimum figure?

Number of visitors is irrelevant. Conversion rates and revenue are. If you built a site that had a 25% conversion rate, earned 1000 dollars per sale, then you could survive with just a few hits a week. If you make 1 cent / 1000 uniques, you need more. If you are building sites for love and not money, just enjoy what you do and have fun.

What are you objectives / goals? Set yourself achievable objectives, and work towards those. 500 is good if it fulfils an objective (say, to make $20 a day), but if you want to make $200 a day, then you need to set 5000 as your goal.

My final reply was in answer to your question:

100 unique visitors a day doesn’t seem like a very successful site. What would be a reasonable minimum figure?

Should have been clearer - sorry!

Do you need just 100 visitors or the SEO lesson? We cant help you with the 1st one but SEO skills can bring thousands!

For all my new blogs I sign them up with entrecard and start doing my 300 drops a day, commenting the blogs as I go. This usually gets me 100 uniques on my first day and since I am leaving comments with my name as a keyword - I go long term Search Engine traffic as well.

Create quality and interesting content. :slight_smile: Build relationship to co-bloggers so gain more exposure to blogging industry. You will surely received tons of traffic by doing it. Not just 100 visitors, it can be turn to thousands of visitors.

Hi, StandOutBlogger, thank you for letting us know about Entrecard. I just registered at your website. There is another debate going on in another thread about the effectiveness of automatic directory submitters. As a vendor of such software, would you like to go over there and give your views? Your expert opinion will be greatly appreciated!

No other way, only quality content on your website
the contents are quality the search enginer would snatch at fast then more people view the site

Hi Kikykuang… how does the search engine understand quality? It is the number of unique visitors that the search engine recognized, and this is a chicken and egg story. You can have the best article in the world but if no one knows its existence, it is as good as if it does not exist. Like Yuwanda Black’s Rule 7 in my website says: “Don’t post and then forget about it.”

What works for me, i write an ad and post it to the top 5 free online ad sites. Some of the sites has a pr of 6 or higher