SEO + Plagirism


I have a fairly popular blog, however, there’s been a few instances where other bloggers have taken my articles word-for-word without recognition. While that’s mildly annoying, I do worry that it will impact my site on SEO because it’s duplicate content.

Is google smart enough to know the original source or will my site get penalized because someone else decided to copy my work?

If your pages are getting indexed first, before the other site scrapes your content, there’s a good chance Google will recognise your site as the original content.

One thing that I’ve wondered about - do these scraper sites copy the code verbatim? If they don’t strip out <script> tags, could you have some fun with Javascript to sabotage the page if it’s not on your domain? Something tells me it probably isn’t as easy as that, though.

Use author tag without fail. Author tags will help google to identify original author of the content.

That’s a brilliant idea, and not something I’d ever have thought of. (Cats are so much more devious than bears. ;)) Perhaps something like a line saying “this article has been stolen from” and hide it with JS on your own site?

And what if the scraper sites have used author tags stating they’re the author? I can’t see the tag helping much.

But I suspect Google is already pretty good at detecting copied content and working out which site is the original source.

I think you can report them to google and they may get penalized. At the very least you should have some protocol for when this happens if its nefarious.
I recently read a nice article about how to handle this:

That’s right. The trouble is that Google migh recognise your site as the original site today, but it might just as easily favour the infringing sites next week or next month. Also, you might see your site ranking higher, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world will.

Personally, I would take steps to get the infringing site taken down. Or, if that doesn’t work, get it removed from Google’s index.


Let me explain a cool example about Plagiarism Content. Suppose you write a original article it takes 2 to 3 days to make it also we have to customize Images .to make creative on Photoshop a much time we spend and google give us ranking . It required time + hard work + stable knowledge.

1st common mistake or rule of optimization of any blog So common they must share on Fb or twitter.
When you will share it on Facebook than you receive original visitor as well as bloggers when they will read they must try to steal your content and after that they used local images and they change the title .

What Google thinks about content …

No doubt Stevie D you are Right.
You can find thousand of blogger who love copywriting at least a single article creative article have up to 10 copies. than a few days later you will seen your content is plagiarism . Who will win ? We can not make fool Google.The user who submit first only he is going right direction.We do not worried about some one steal our content.Always try to make new post and positive features.

Using authorship markup, updated date and canonical tags, let’s Google identify original content and author. If it doesn’t work submit DMCA complaint.

Are you sure about all that?

First, you can’t use a canonical tag on a site over which you’ve got no control. It would be up to the plagiarising site to do that, and they would have no incentive to do so. Also, I agree authorship markup is valuable in its own right, but not for combatting plagiarism. If that were not so, every plagiarist on the web would be using it.

Finally, I’m all in favour of submitting DMCA requests, but keep in mind that they only have legal force if the offending site is in the US. Personally, I would send a polite (but firm) email first, and only use a DMCA (if appropriate) if the first request fails.


Tom firstly you have to check that your blog index first or others blog. If your blog content indexed first then no need to worry because according crawler your blog have original content but if your blog indexed after someone others blog then you may be in problem. Now crawler thought that you have duplicate content because that content already available on its database.

Diod you read my earlier post on that point? The two things wrong with you are argument are:

  1. What you see in the search results is not indication of whatever other people see.

  2. Whatever your site’s ranking today, that is no guide to how it will rank tomorrow, next week or next year.