Static routing not working packet tracer

I have a homework where static routing is involved, simulation with packet tracer, but doesn’t work. I can ping the router from pc side but the other side don’t,

In your scenario, where static routing is implemented in a Packet Tracer simulation, it’s essential to double-check the routing configurations on both the router and the PCs. Ensure that the routing table on the router is correctly set up, specifying the appropriate next-hop addresses or outgoing interfaces for reaching the networks on the PC side and the other side. Additionally, verify the subnet masks on all devices to guarantee they are configured correctly, enabling proper IP address allocation within each network segment. If you can ping the router from the PC side but not the other way around, there might be a misconfiguration in the routing table, subnet masks, or firewall settings. Review these aspects thoroughly, and if the issue persists, consider checking for any physical or virtual device connectivity problems within the simulation environment.

Keep in mind that ping isn’t a great way of testing - plenty of devices just don’t respond to a ping.

thank you

thank you for help. I have another homework with other problem I have three routers and I can not ping the third router however I configured ipv6 static routing. please help me thank you, frank.
by the way how can link or post my packet tracer file?

thank you. also I would like to ask, konnecting a second router to switch how can I configure it, inclusive static routing thank you.

What are you routing to and from, on each switch? When I did this last (which was more than 12 years ago), it was just a case of configuring the default gateway for the first router, and static routing for the second one, so that specific routes would go down the second one, everything else down the first. Exactly how you configure that will depend on the router and the operating system running on your other devices.

I expect that I can’t contribute more to this, for example I’ve never used IP v6.

thank you, frank

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