Starting new network

I`m part of a group of publishers (currently about 75 of us). We have 1 website, and we all promote it. We share the revenue proportionate to the work we do. We have software to handle that.

But now, some publishers want to use their own ad tags on their own sites. Our software can handle that, too.

All the advertisers we currently show have approved the site we use. However, what happens when they start promoting their own sites - none of them will be able to use our current advertisers unless they get them approved, that means getting 75 approvals from each advertiser, and every time we add a publisher, we`d have to do it again for their site.

So how do we find advertisers that don`t have to approve every site we want to promote - I know we can find our own advertisers, but it takes time to sell the number of impressions we currently show (over 1 million a day), and we expect this to increase our impression level.

Is there an advertiser that will fill close to 100%, internationally, and doesnt have to approve every site where their ads will be seen? Rate doesnt have to be great.


would you please send your website link i am preparing to promote my web using CPM

Most affiliate networks will allow you to run an offer without approval first. They work with the advertiser so you don’t have to.

I’ll pm it to you, rather than post it here. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do that.