SSH Recursive Renaming

Is there a way to do this.

Rename every file in the directory to go:

doing this by hand is taking forever LOL.

You should be able to create a bash script to do this…

Im not sure what to lookup for this, I don’t know how to do Perl or whatever needs to be done for this.

“SSH Recursive Renaming Digits” - is that the name? I am looking for things on the site.

This should get your feet wet:

If you’re already familiar with regex, you might opt for the ‘rename’ portion at the bottom of the tutorial.

You can use any programming language that can be interpreted from the command line.

I know you know PHP, so just write a PHP script and run php /path/to/script.php, or put #!/usr/bin/env php at the top of your PHP script, make it executable, and then run it: ./yourscript.php

Hey thanks guys,

Im going to try this PHP thing too very cool!!!