Rename files with random names in a folder


I am prasanth.

I need a code for renaming multiple(bulk or all ) files in a folder.

I found one batch file script but it renaming with numbers only. But i want differntly.


In a folder there are 100 images and all numbered with some digits or names.

assume that all images are belongs to “john” , so i want to rename all images with “john+ a random string”.

here a random string means -> it has an array with 3000 english words, (you can predefine them by downloading from dictionary).

In the script the 3000 names are fixed, but the 1st name will be changed by my wish. that my be john, mary, sai, pavan etc…

so that every image will get name like this john good, john bad, john eating, john idiol, john silly etc…

Please any one solve this problem…

Sugestion: you do not need to enter all 3000 words in array manually. some javscript codes are there to read input of each and evey line and them into an array.