Squidoo money

You can place lots of affiliate links in a lens and that’s what gives you lots of money. Squidoo can rank well in search engines and this is the advantage of it. You can also earn from the royalties from your lens. If you place amazon and ebay in there, you can earn a plit from squidoo which will be paid through paypal. Very nice if you have lots of lenses, $100/day is possible.

It may be worth promoting as a affiliate for products which sell in your squidoo page

believe me or not, it might sound stupid but here it is, i made a lens for a client and he left it with me, its about emo chat and stuff; the lens receives around 700 UV per week. I have 3 more lenses similar to this niche and they receive the same amount of traffic. I have couple of squidoo accounts each with 50-200 lenses so i do not get to check them often. Couple of months later, when i logged into my account, alas! it said, i have $50 in my reserve! daMN! :slight_smile: i know its weird since i never expected it but there you go! Squidoo is strange and amazing :rofl:

I set up a Squidoo Lens nearly 3 weeks ago and it hasn’t been ranked yet.

Are their any internal techniques to get lens’ ranked?


I also have this trouble
Anybody who can help?

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