Squidoo money

Hey im trying to make alot money on squidoo how many lenses will i need 100 a week to start making bank? Tell me what you think.

Hi, I never used Squidoo but a lot of my users are writers coming from this site.
They seem to say that at first they thought they were going to make a lot of money, but they need many views on their lenses in order to get clicks on their adsense, because the adsense CTR on lenses is very low.
It’s about and less than 1% !
But from 50 lenses, they start to see regular income, little but regular. And after that you simply need to create more lenses, but what is important is that you take care of creating lenses about topics in relatively high demand, donc create lenses for obscure topics which will hardly attrack one visitor per day. Write about popular things, and lot of them.

so can i be making 100 dollars a day?

Well, everything is possible, but if you intend on making $100 a day, just with Squidoo, you’re delusional…
It would require a lot of work in writing a lot of articles, and you’d be better off also having your own blog and other websites.
To simplify, you don’t need Squidoo to earn $100 a day. It can only be a supplement to other techniques.

ha ha aren’t we all :slight_smile:

What up with squidoo I made a page on a review of an affiliate Website right. Well they claim i cant publish it why? I have it reviewed but im scared the 3 hour squidoo video i watch along with creating the lense will be a waste what would you do.

Well i submitted it. If i had like couple thousand dollars i be buying wholesale from china and selling it such a much better way to make money internet marketing kicks the noobs out.

The experts hoard and ruin it for the rest. Besides i made this squidoo lense the same way this guy did in the video. Sad thing is that was 2007 and that it is now 2009 and most people online spam and just mess the system up.

Don’t cry and don’t blame others, honestly you still can make a lot of money in 2009 and in 2010!
Just don’t put much hope in “squidoo” which is only just another ad revenue sharing site…
It’s best to have your own site(s) and use sites like squidoo and others only to get people to come to your site(s).

5 hours spent making this page and it came up as spam. all i can say is wtf. Im so pissed if i dont get my page on squidoo i will never use squidoo again. To think this course i gave my email for i could paid 197 dollars for.

One thing I’d recommend (and most of the people here, probably) is that you diversify. Don’t stick with one thing. Squidoo doesn’t sound like the way to go, so I’d move on, or try something else in conjunction with this.

I don’t know at what stage of the learning curve you are, but seeing you have a blogspot in your signature, I’d say you’re not yet past the free blog stage and are not ready to actually pay for a proper web hosting and installing your own blog.
But, here’s a video by john chow that I found good because he’s not hiding the facts on how he makes money and what he thinks of things i often read on forums such as “user friendly” form people who want to make money but are afraid that they’ll make their site user unfriendly, I think: who cares? And that’s what john chow is saying at some point in the video. He’s not only saying that otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it to you, that’s not the point of the video, but if you can spare one hour, watch it without distraction like you would if you were sitting at the live presentation.

just watch it but don’t buy the email software. Just think about the video and what he says. No need to rush things, simply understand that’s there’s another way than writing article on squidoo. Writing articles on squidoo is **** let’s be honest, and to be real honest, I also have an adsense sharing site shetoldme.com and I’ll say it, writing scoops on shetoldme.com is ****. You shouldn’t count on that to earn any decent amount of money despite what the marketing message says!
What counts is first to have your own web properties, that’s why having a blogspot.com blog doesn’t really count as such, even if you’ll find examples of people using blogspot and earning money, just like you’ll find examples of people using suidoo and earning money, but that’s not the norm.
What is the norm is people investing in a domain name and paid web hosting and making money.

I’ve heard that you need to write approximately 8,000 articles of approximately 1,000 words each to have any chance of making more than $10 per week on squidoo.

And that wouldn’t equate to minimum wage… in Burma, in 1576…

Squidoo is the ultimate pyramid scheme. Unless you’re at the top, welll… you’re at the bottom. So, unless your goal is to generate $11.23 per week, after writing more content than appears in the New York Times in any given 12 month period, I’d give the “lens” a miss!!

Best of luck

Squidoo is better for promoting your blog or website with keyword rich themes rather than trying to make money there.

Don’t waste your time trying to make money there, the main focus should be using Squidoo to drive traffic to your blog/website. If you make some $$, it’s icing on the cake.

btw, the “.blogspot” sites gets indexed fast by Google and are better to use a “promo” page rather than Squidoo just cause it’s way way easier to use.


There are a lot of great squidoo lenses and a lot of them are about making money on Squidoo. IT might be better to spend days or weeks reading them and studying how they do it. Making money in Squidoo is actually possible, but it wont be instant so better make the right moves.

And by the way, try to get some affiliates as well, cause you can cater affiliates on squidoo… more money.

This is a very hard way to make money online. You’d be better off advertising clickbank products on your lenses and make money that way.

It can make $100 if you use it to promote products as an affiliates, but it is very hard to make that money from Squidoos themselves only

You can make good money with squidoo. Believe me when i say this but it works if you can drive traffic. Its good if you can have atleast 50 excellent lenses running. Its about the quality and not the quantity that will make you money on squidoo

Squidoo is great for promoting your blog or site that will earn you $, but using squidoo alone to make $100 day? That would be very hard.

Best of luck!

Hard stuffs require hard work! but its not impossible! :wink:

very hard to do it.