What is "Squidoo Lens Writing"?

Anyone pls explain this for me? I searched on Google but only find some service providers and tips on how to do it. However, I’m not even sure about what it is exactly…

Squidoo is a web site that allows anyone to create their own web page - which they call a lens. Go to http://www.squidoo.com/ and click on the “Join Four Free” button and you will then be able to create your own. Alternatively search their site to see what others have created.

Basically, you can create a Squidoo account and post articles. These can be monetized with Adsense, Amazon etc. and you can earn some legitimate income. Each of the pages are called Squidoo Lens.

It is a great marketing method.

Squidoo Lens is one of the best sites to write unique articles and help in monetization of your blog/ lens. There are various advertising ways like Google Adsense and others which helps your lens increase business.