Sql Server Installation problem

I am trying to install SqlServer2008 on my laptop.
It is giving an error message
can any one help me regarding this…

My system configuration is Microsoft preffesional Xp version 2002,service pack 3

for anyone too lazy to click through to see the image of the screenshot of the error message, it said this:[indent]
SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error:

Object of type ‘Microsoft.SQL.Chainer.Package.PropertiesTypeProperty’ cannot be converted to type ‘Microsoft.SQL.Chainer.Package.PropertiesTypeProperty’…[/indent]i am totally in awe of the total awesomeness of this message

i mean, “foo cannot be converted to foo” is just so deep on ~so~ many levels…

… but i can’t help you fix it, sorry


I am very disappointed… is there anyone know about this problem…

Do or did you have any previous versions installed? I remember getting similar messages, because although I had the previous version UN-installed, for some reason, certain settings remained in place. After making sure they were removed, the installation went fine.

Well you are posting to a MySQL forum about another database application entirely. It might be useful if you posted in a forum for help with SQL Server.