Sports League Site

I am looking for a SQL driven starter site that allows users to register themselves and their team, includes event calenders, team stats, game stats, player stats, admin editing of scores etc. I have looked at the Club Starter Kit and it almost what I need but there are a lot of kinks that need to be fixed that I am just not able to do due to code experience. Does anyone have any suggestions or leads?

THANKS!! in advance

I doubt you will find exactly what you are looking for out the box. I would think you need to get a starting point and then just tweak it from there

Hi Nightstalker-DNS, I have found that Club starter kit has almost everything that I need but lacks big time in the Statistics department. Unfortunately I don’t have the skills to tweak it very easily. Is there anything out there that is similar to CSK that you may know about. Thanks for your help.

No, I do not know of anything else. It is going to be tough to find something out the box that meets your needs exactly. You can try googling around a bit, but you probably gonna have to tweak what you have or hire some1 that can.

Sorry, I cannot be of more help