Speed up indexing of wordpress blog

I run an article directory on wordpress which has been growing fairly fast. I have 2000+ articles/posts now but only about 350 are indexed. How other than the obvious “more incoming links” can I speed up the indexing process. Oh and don’t say adsense I am working on that :smiley:

I’ve been thinking on putting up the related posts plugin so the bot can dig deeper? I have an xml sitemaps and the sitemaps plugin but that doesn’t seem to help a great deal.

couple of Matt Cutss videos might offer an answer…

thanks. I have been thinking about making a little sidebar box that rotates random deep links I want crawled. Something like “random articles”. Might just do the trick.

If you can interlink your articles that would help as well. Essentially it’s just creating additional entry points for your articles and we all know how much Googlebot loves tons of links! :slight_smile:

Have you asked yourself whether those pages actually deserve to be in the index?

Are they unique? quality? relevant? topical? fresh? etc?

If you’ve submitted a (XML) sitemap, have an HTML sitemap and good navigation and you are still having indexation problems then you either have an internal linking issue, or your content is of such a low quality (in Google’s eyes) that it doesn’t warrant inclusion in their main index…

I don’t think the question was why some of the pages aren’t in the index, but rather how to speed up the indexing of new content.

I agree - but there is a connection between the two. You can’t speed up what won’t happen…

If they were all such poor quality and duplicate content (which they are not) then no article directory would get their pages indexed. I accept that this may be a valid aspect but it can in no way explain why the indexing rate should be at about 25% total pages:indexed pages.

Also if Google’s view of my site is in any way reflected by the increasing traffic they’ve sent me over the last few months from when I started this project and the increase in Alexa rank then they should have a positive view of the site.

Also this site has grown to 2.3k posts/articles within a few months from when I purchased the domain (new domain) so could that explain why google is slow to index (sandboxing it maybe?).

I’ve been looking at buying article directories for the last few weeks for SEO purposes and just about everyone that has been up for sale has less than 25% of their total pages indexed (many less than 10%) even though they have been up for months/years.

The truth of the matter is that article directories are low quality pages from a SE perspective, they’re full of duplicate content and are one step above link farms so I can’t see Google being in a rush to index them.

hmm ok so all I need is 1 million articles at 25% (:

No seriously I have a hunch that getting up the indexing rate could be achieved by adding adsense to my site but as I outlined in this post that poses some problems as well…

p.s.: some things are just very mysterious. For instance how does this BIG site articlescube have below 10k Alexa with 242 indexed pages (at least that’s what I get when I run this query).