How do you get rid of blog spammers?

Having difficulty with “Spammers” on our blog. Anyone have a good idea to reduce these annoying comments/posts?

Steve Grimm

simple, don’t allow links in comments

what i do is return a status code of 403 Forbidden if the post contains a link

they figure it out pretty quick


If you are using wordpress you can simply set the comments to not post LIVE if they contain one or more links. Simply. Just your other commenters wont be able to post a comment instantly live if it has any hyperlink/URL.

Akismet works pretty well for me :slight_smile:

Akismet wont catch everything though… that is a fact. YOu must set it up to moderate posts that contain links! Thats the easiest way unless you find some junk plugin that attempts to do this for you.

I’m using Akismet wordpress plugin to automatically skip the spam messages.

Like said above, just dont allow links if you do not want people posting links. That is the reason spammers are there.

You can try BadBehavior or SpamKarma if you do not like Akismet. They may not be update though since I haven’t taken a look at them in a while.

Akismnet is a must, if you aren’t using it yet.

If you are using WordPress, you can use anti-captcha plugin to help you block off scripts. Otherwise, you can adopt what r937 has mentioned =)

Moderating comments is good or you might wanna try using a tool for that

Do not allow them to comment in your blog. Even if you allow them to comment, do check each comment yourself before posting.

  • Approve your comments manually
  • Make your blog nofollow
  • Install comment system software like Disqus

Yes! I stooped them by including a captcha to my commenting area.

we stoop to conquer!! :smiley:

what do you do about the spam that gets posted by human beings who simply respond properly to your captcha? how do you stop that?

the only thing captchas can do is eliminate the more stupid bots…