How can I avoid spam comments?

I post comment in some blog, But unfortunately I look that my comment looking as a spam. How can I post comment avoiding spam?

Most of the time it shouldn’t do that. My advice try posting longer comments with good content!

You should make sure that all your comments do make sense. Every site administrator knows very well if someone only wants to leave a backlinks on their site.

You should be commenting on the topics you cover on your blog and this gets you exposure to other readers that are interested in what you blog about. The more you are seen the more likely people are to see you as someone that know the topic and you are on your way to becoming a trusted resource.

When you comment, it’s either you add more information about the topic or you ask sensible questions. Anyone who reads an engaging comment would definitely appreciate your comment. Only means that you really read the material.

How can I avoid spam comments?

do not leave any backlinks at all! just comment because you want to comment.

Ask yourself what you consider as spam comments on your blog and avoid leaving them on other blogs.

I really wonder what would happen to the blog sphere if no links are allowed in comments…

my gut feeling is a major decrease in responses.


I totally agree. Even with quality comments it really makes you question the motive. Are alot of them really a good contribution or are they disguised backlinks.

It doesn’t really really matter now. there is no question about the motives now since majority of those who post comments are more concerned in getting links than just posting. My own criteria for judging a comment to get approved if it is relevant to my blog post or not. If I notice a comment that is way far off the topic (obviously posting comments before even reading the post) I consider it a spam. So if you really want to make your comment look not really spammy, take the time to read the blog post, be relevant and at least make a 4-sentence comment or longer. Doing so will increase the chances of your comments getting approved and be considered as spam.

can you guys help me decide if these are spam comments or not?

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No doubt your first three comments are expressing appreciation, but they are appearing spammy to me. Because they are less valuable for the blogger…
Any bot can produce comment like this… Leave something which actually depict some genuine contribution.

See, you should not go with auto approve blog commenting option, this will shurely stop your comment spam and do add spam filters like akasmit etc. Such kind of filter will help your blog to be spam free as they already had setting which automatically restrict spam comments.

All comments you presented there are no doubt from spammers. I see those type of messages every once in a while in blogs I maintain. Its up to you to decide though if you want to keep those type of messages in your blog.

You should add value to the discussion or blog post as long as you do that you are fine.

Yes, value added to the comment is very important. It gives better impression to the blogger. You may share your experience (if applicable) that relate to the story, or your point-of-view towards the sharing. That’s help you avoid becoming spam comment.

Remember, comment based on the story or the sharing, not the person.

Post relevant comments on the sites your interested in, deal directly with the topic at hand and make heartfelt comments that make sense. Generally, comments that are more extending and intricate are not consider spam by the spam blockers.

Always write a meaningful comments and try to avoid to use all those words like " great post", " Thanks for nice post" and so on. Your might and main should be to participate in discussion.

I totally agree with seodezin, commenting and get approval is an art which required some practice and patients. If you don’t have any words on topic then don’t reply. you comment will not be approved by administrator…