Sortware shopping cart?

I’m looking for advice on how to set up a PayPal shopping cart which is made for buying software.
I want the customer to receive a download link after purchase, or access to a download location.

What I envision is that the user creates an account, register email and password, which the user then can use to download the software and any updates. (The software is not using license keys, so it’s simply about providing a download link.)

Of the shopping cart system I’ve seen, among the system PayPal describes, they all appear to be pure payments only, without any hooks to detect payments and set up automatic responses to payments.

I don’t want to manually approve each purchase.

I’d add that the software is not thing that I expect will ever make profit from all the time spent in developing it, so I’m looking for an inexpensive solution.

Think I might have found what I need:

I don’t feel these shopping cart system is what I’m looking for. They appear to all be also CMS systems aimed at selling many products.

Maybe “shopping cart” is not the correct word for what I’m looking for.

I want to make my site myself, I just need a button for the user to be able to buy the software and then get access to download area.
Maybe “payment system” is a better description?

Ok - I looked at that comparison chart - but I could not work out from that which ones supported what I want.
What have they named that function/feature in that list?

“E-Goods” - that’s a phrase I’ve not heard before.

Checking out that link.

As far I know, all modern shopping cart systems support E-Goods feature by default.

You can start your research here:

They name it “Digital Downloads”, you can find it in the “General Features” table: