PayPal Integration

I’ve been developing a software I’m about to release. Got nearly everything set up except the shopping cart.

I have never set up a shopping cart before and I could use some advice.


  1. PayPal button on my site.
    Would “Website Payments Standard” be enough?

  2. Notification of payments back to my server in order to authorize user to be able to access the customer area and download the software.
    Here it appear IPN will let me do that?

Is this combo all I need?
Can I use “Website Payments Standard” and then use the PHP sample for IPN as a starting point?

The information and options available at PayPal is so overwhelming that I’m not sure how to pick the right setup.

I want to set up payment that notifies me when a payment is done as simple and quickly as possible.


If you wanted a quicker and easier solution compared to developing it yourself especially when it comes to avoiding the pain of bug fixing your own code and maintaining it if things at PayPal change, you could look at an off the shelf digital download solution that you are able to embed into your website as if it were a part of it.

This website add in will work with your Pay Pal Website Payments Standard account to give you digital downloads from your site:

Yes website payments standard would be enough and yes IPN would allow you to recieve automated notifications of payment so that you can then act upon that by emailing them a link or details of their purchase (or even generate a serial number or something if you spent the time to produce a script). The code sample is the backbone for what you’re going to be producing, and you’ll want to sign up for PayPal’s developer sandbox to test your script (without paying to initiate a test payment). PayPal have a very detailed PDF on using IPN and enabling it within your account, but I found that Googling the subject yielded a lot of great tutorials on getting IPN up and running. I actually produced a IPN script to email product details and produce a serial number for my product. :slight_smile: