Estore solution

Hi all,

Ive been looking for a solution that would enable me to distribute license keys that would be used with an installer.

Basically a customer would purchase a product, they would then download the .exe with the license key thats currently in there store pages.

Is there such a solution that would allow me to upload a .txt file containing all the license keys and then have the system pull of a license key per purchase.

Thanks in advance.

Deano, I wrote my own simple licensing system using PayPal’s IPN system, all it needed was to write a PHP script using their API to generate a license key and place it on the server (and inside the email). In your case you could use your chosen server-side language of choice with something like PayPal IPN to randomly extract one of the key’s from the list and place it inside an email which is sent to the individual. :slight_smile:

Is your application in php or is it a desktop application?
If this is .NET, C++, COM, VB6, Delphi, Excel, MS-Access applications you could use if this is php you could use
I am not familiar with first and newbie with latter.

Hi Guys thanks for the ideas. Ideally I would prefer to have something work with a current system IE cre-loaded or oscommerce.

Deano, PayPal IPN system is compatible with pretty much every major shopping cart package (including osCommerce), however as you need a custom license “picker” you would need to code that segment which PayPal would use independantly of the shopping cart software. :slight_smile:

Deano, as far as I know, e-junkie does support license key generation, however, I’m not quite sure if this is exactly what you need.

Does the software you plan to sell already have some key generator? If so, what language is it written in?

yes I already have the license keys generated, Im just in need of a ‘license picker’ to work with a open source store. When people run the installer they have to use a license key Ive generated from within the installer software.

Well, in this case, I think any customizable shopping cart software which supports egoods may suit you. If we speak of CS-Cart, for example, I’m sure we could write a module which sends a random key from a text file along with the distribution. That’s not a complex task. But you may also consider other carts since such a modification should generally be done with ease.

Deano, you could try LiteCommerce solution , it allows to send out PIN codes (in your case that would be license keys) to customers when they purchase a product as well as send download links for the software itself. So you will be able to import a list of license keys in the software (or add them one by one in the administration area), and the script will send them one by one to customers.

Egoods module for the software supports this feature. Also the application is integrated with PayPal out-of-box, so this would be ready-to-use solution for you. PM me if you have any additional questions.

Thanks guys I’ll take a look at what the offerings are on the lite-commerce solution and also think hard about the cs cart. I’ll post back related questions shortly, thanks for you help - most appreciated.

Deano, keep us informed about the solution you finally choose. I hope your business will be successful :slight_smile:

Just a little update, we finally went with Drupal for the framework and then used the ubercart module. Ubercart is fine with some fine tuning and all.

deano,as you said that ubercart module is fine.if you find any difficulty then do let us know about your problem

Do to me selling digital products and the need to easily distribute license keys we added another module that would allow me to do this (

However the only draw I can see so far is that the module doesnt send out the license keys automatically which is a real pain… the only option to do is send out the license keys manually with a simple click of the button.

I suppose that any shopping cart with Egoods functionality will work for you.

The customization could be added to the email notification of the shopping cart.

Do you have some algorithm of the key generation?

It is possible to generate the key during the email sending, thus all the keys will be unique.

Current process : we create our installer remotely and then generate associated license keys for that product as the license keys will only work with said products.

Once the product is added to the store we then upload and assign the licence keys (ranging anything from 10 to 10,000 keys)

It is very important that the keys are assigned to a sale IE 1 unique key per customer. The license key then becomes in use meaning that it cannot be re-used.

When a customers orders a product a license key is picked from the list, email to the customer with the sales details and then also display in there sale history via there account panel.

Additionally if a customer orders 5 units of the same product the customer should have 5 license keys sent to there email and also there sales/invoice pages.

one last thing to bare in mind is that we only release 3 to 4 products a year so I guess a full eccomerce solution is a little over kill.

Hello All
It ia Very good post.I would prefer to have something work with a current system internet explorer Reloader or oscommerce.