Something has stuck in the "WP memory"

I noticed this issue on 2 WP blogs on diff domains:

  1. Once I made a SEO title (in the All in One SEO Pack plugin) below the article in WP; the title had 19 characters. Later I deleted that seo title and I copy-pasted a new one, which I had prepared in some other blog, and which had 60 characters. Now, the total number of characters shows 79 chars. If I clear the title field, it still says 19 chars. Now, I see these phantom 19 chars in seo title fields of all new articles I make.
  2. Once I made an outgoing link with an anchor text. Then I decided to change the link under the same anchor. I deleted the old link and I copy-pasted a new one in. Now, both links are there one after one and I just can’t delete the old one. I delete, it shows like it’s deleted but when I paste the new one, both are there again.

I use Windows 7, Chrome. I’ve run the complete scan by Avast and it shows no viruses. Any idea what happened?

Share the URL of your website in private message and share the issue in detail as well. I’ll have a look !

Sharing the URL will not help. It’s the website of my college and he checked on his computer and he doesn’t have the issue, which I have on my computer, and which is:

In the editing mode, the field of the “SEO Title,” which is part of the All in One SEO Pack in a WP blog, it says “19 characters,” when the field is empty. If I write 10 chars, it will say 29 chars. It does not help no matter how I refresh, clear cache or whatever. This now happens in every old or new article I make, not only in the one, in which the problem started. It started when I copy-pasted a new SEO title in the place of the old one.

Another issue was, when I was on one public wireless network for a short time and I was editing one article draft on the same WP blog. I saved the draft, and the draft page (that only) has “adopted” the favicon of the wireless network homepage. Later it disappeared, but it just seems that some things glue to WP blogs I edit. Again, the problem seems to be in my computer, not in the blogs themselves.

Sometimes these sort of temp issues are created by plugins like : “WP Super Cache” or other cache plugins.
Uninstall those cache plugin and retry. Also, try uninstalling All in one SEO plugin and then re-install it again. Problem may be fixed by these 2.

Un- and re-installing All in One SEO pack did not help. There is no Super cache. I registered as a new user, no help. Cleared cookies, nothing.

Then try approaching the developers of the plugin here :

They will get this fixed, if it’s a bug in the plugin or atleast they will guide you if someone had raised this issue in the past.

I appreciate.