Some simple but effective advice relating to Cufon & Opera

Hi all,

This is not a question but rather a warning/advice to any others that should unfortunately stumble on what I just have. It will save you time and possibly additional hair loss :slight_smile:

As some of us know Cufon and Opera don’t always play nicely. If it was only the the known 0 byte 404 CSS error that Opera stumbles over… Thankfully the selector issue is also but a distant memory now with the latest releases of Opera. There always has to be something “else” on the menu doesn’t there.

My site worked in all popular browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari but not Opera. It just wouldn’t work with cufon painting letters of different sizes and Opera somehow magically interfering with other CSS. Some images would even not load, others would. Least to say not something anyone would want to debug line by line.

Firepanel also didn’t reveal any errors.

I was going insane looking for the odd semi colon or comma in the wrong place etc. in my code but nothing. Removing all the CSS and JS files except the cufont also didn’t help. Neither did a strict DTD which I use anyway.

I was about to call it quits thinking I’ll sleep on it but then came to the idea that hey I’ll clear Opera’s cache.

Well I never, Opera suddenly started working fine with cufon fonts, and no more CSS interfering by corrupting odd elements on pages.

So guys and girls, don’t go thinking you’re nuts, just blame it on Opera because quite frankly even in release 10.6 it’s got a nasty cache bug. Other browsers seem to avoid a corrupt cache but not Opera.