Page loading slow in Opera with Google fonts

Moving between pages on site using Opera 10.63 is really slow, about 5 seconds per page load. Other major browsers seem fine.

If I remove the Google fonts CSS link from the header, the problem doesn’t occur.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas?

Odd, hangs FF, Chrome and Opera here… and I mean ‘hangs’ the browser so you can’t even switch tabs for about five to ten seconds.

But welcome to why as a rule I won’t put any of that custom font nonsense on a website… ESPECIALLY if you aren’t even going to host the files yourself. That ‘link’ in the head pointing at google is going to hang the browser until the content loads from THEIR servers.

I’d suggest using fontsquirrel’s face generator instead so you can self-host the files

Since it’s based on kind-of the same technology.

though really I would just say no to that stuff – just as I would say no to the OTHER mistakes you made in building the site; specifically trying to deploy HTML5 and CSS3, both of which are in DRAFT and as such have NO BUSINESS being used on production code. (especially the convoluted train wreck of HTML 5 that doesn’t do ANYTHING useful that can’t be done in HTML 4)

Basically unless you’re playing with them to report bugs in the various browsers implementations, you really shouldn’t be using EITHER technology – especially if you are going to resort to that silly javascripted shiv nonsense for IE. Go accessibility /FAIL/. (and completely missing the point of what DRAFT and the browser specific prefixes mean!)

Honestly, I’d throw ALL of that away as non-viable if your intent is building a production website. You’re jumping the gun.

I had a similar, if not same problem, with opera (only).

Every time I visited a site with webfonts (google font api, typekit, custom…), it hang for about 30 seconds!

Today I downloaded some free fonts and re-generated my font cache (arch linux) and noticed some files in the cache directory were corrupt. So I removed the cache directory and generated the cache again.
Back in opera, the “hang” disappeared!

I noticed the time it took to generate the font cache with the corrupt cache in place was similar to that of the hang…
I assume, since opera didn’t find a correct cache, it checked all available fonts itself each time (before using the webfont).