Some kind of weird PHP caching with Apache

So, I have an Ubuntu 12.04 VPS running as a basic LAMP server, with a few sites on it. That server is being broken up and remade else where, and the “problem site” is in fact moving to its own instance, so this issue is really academic, not a production issue after today.

I am employing no caching that I know of server side, and the developer is doing none on his end.
The developer of this particular site/app changed a PHP class file, and FTPd his changes. The changes are present on the class file, on the server - both he and I checked that, so it’s not some perms issue where he’s not able to overwrite his old file or something. However, the server is not reading the changes to that file - he put some clear troubleshooting items (die() and others) in that work fine locally - but if he renames the file something else and changes the /includes, though… that works fine. Indicating to us that it’s some sort of PHP caching issue… which I can’t figure out. A phpinfo() didn’t give any promising results.

Any thoughts or pointers? Thanks. Sorry if it’s a repetitive question, did some searching and didn’t see anything.

If the file sent is in the right folder and in the backend everything looks well… have you tried to delete all temp internet files? Maybe it is the browser’s cache what’s giving the problem

You may want to try to execute it from some other computer in the network that has never been used to deal with this particular file. If it works OK, then it is more likely that the problem it is in your computer and the developer’s… which then would make me think even more of the browser’s cache (or maybe a proxy, if there’s one in between)

My first thought when he reported the issue, as well… the developer lives half the country away from me, and we had a guy in the UK check it too… and on multiple browsers. The server itself resides in… yet another state. I’d never visited the pages in question before (I don’t access his site regularly at all). Also made sure on mine, at least, to clear my cache, and try it from private/incognito windows. Doesn’t seem to be a clientside issue…


Like I said, no huge deal since we’re moving it in a few days, I just dislike unsolved problems :wink:

Are you sure you are uploading files in correct folder, DocumentRoot of the web server ?

Upload a phpinfo() page, see if path is correct. You can also upload a static file (image, text file, etc…) to verify you are working on correct folder.

You can check web site headers (some thing like curl -I http://site), this way you can see if you have some kind of cache. There can be PHP caching like APC, that can cache PHP file until web server restarted, this you can verify with a phpinfo() script.

Yeah, as stated, I’ve already done a phpinfo() and found no evidence of APC being on, or any other caching that I recognize, and stated that the proper file (already in the right place) has been updated with the correct information.

Didn’t check website headers yet (will add that to the list of things to do) but the behavior persisted through an Apache restart AND an actual reboot of the system.

Thanks for the ideas…