Caching issues

Whenever I change part of a website page and try to see the changes online, I cannot see the changes? I contacted my hosts and they said :

This is by design and is a part of the “optimised stack” we implement to speed up the website(s). If we remove it there will be a performance degradation on the site(s).

Having a look at the site you mention, here is the current caching policy:



expires 1M;


Has anyone here found a way in these circumstances, to still see their changes online please?

Not online, localhost. IMHO where you should be developing and testing anyway.

If you don’t have one installed on your computer I strongly recommend that you do.

I develop locally, but I still check the live pages after I’ve updated, because I’ve been known to do the occasional daft thing like forget to upload a new image.

A hard refresh usually works, although I have different caching rules.

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How do you install localhost?

I do ctrl+f5, is that what you would call a hard refresh (Firefox).

There are several “one click install” packages like XAMPP and WAMP that will likely not be configured exactly the same as the live host, but they’re relatively easy to get set up and running and would be better than naught.

The hard refresh will work for clearing the browser cache but it sounds like your problem has more to do with server caching.


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