Caching issue with Shared Host

I am having problems with a file on my Shared Hosting account.

The problem seems to be a “caching issue”.

When I go in to edit “header.html” the control panel spins out, and when I upload a new file, it doesn’t seem to help.

I’m pretty sure their server is hi-jacking m old file - which also may be corrupt - and that is why my website isn’t working.

Is there a way to “flush” the cache on the server so I can work with a new and un-corrupt file?


Better download the file through ws_ftp and then open it with HTML validator, edit and save it and then upload it again. But before uploading it again rename the file to something which is still on server. Even after this you do not see your edited file displaying, it means server is hi-jacking the file.

ws_ftp and HTML validator both have free version and I mostly use both of them same way, as I told you.

Good luck

Turns out GoDaddy’s site renders HTML files when you try to “edit” them instead of letting you just “edit” them.

You have to click on an “Edit Source” button after their tool renders your HTML.

Problem is their system is hanging up on my simple HTML include, so I have to make edits before I upload.

Anyways, the issue of my page wasn’t a cache issue, but a wrong path. And this buggy editor made me think it was something else like I originally described.