Some keywords are not reachable in my site

I have a website that used to have some keywords indexed well and appears in the first 5 pages.
A while ago, I checked these keywords again and suddenly, I find my site buried and does not appear even after 30 pages. In the main time, I see topics older than mine is still in their position in the search.

The other problem, that I find Google not indexing my latest posts, only the old posts are indexed. I tried to update the sitemap, but in vain.

Please help!!

do a site: and link: search of your domain on google to see what all is indexed.

Check your robots.txt file.

Have you changed anything recently on the site? New CMS? New page links?

Any spam alerts in google web developer?

Maybe 30 pages of sites are more relevant to those keywords than yours.

How old are these posts? If they are only one or two days old, maybe you haven’t given Google long enough.

Link to your new posts from your old already indexed posts.

post your keyword as title in social bookmarking submission.This will help to your keyword ranking in search engines.

You have to do first search engine submissions for your web site then after u can do the SEO strategy. And change your menu bar title with >>. 1, 3 months process is not kept in 1 page your site. Bcz 30 pages of sites are more relevant to those keywords than yours site. You have to do the continue SEO process for your web sites.


Well one reason can be google sometime while indexing pages may play with ranking.
wait for some time it may come back.