Some DNS Help Please

I’m running windows 2008 and my registrar is I have added the NS1.MOZUS.COM and NS2.MOZUS.COM host records to the forward lookup zone in my Windows DNS. And no matter what I do I can’t seem to get rid of any of the errors remaining:

  • Missing nameservers reported by parent
  • Missing nameservers reported by your nameservers
  • Reverse MX A records (PTR)

The web server is working correctly, but I’m having occasional problems getting bounced e-mails or messages that won’t send (which I’m convinced has to do with the third error). I think the first two errors are related and I don’t think the third has anything to do with the first two.

mozweb01 is the name of the server… do I need to change it? If so what to?

Any pointers, tips and help would be appreciated. Thank you!

just to clarify… the hosts are added to the godaddy account and the A records are added in the forward lookup zone.

The third error means that your reverse DNS (set by your ISP) does not point to anything.

Are you sure that GoDaddy has the ns records as A records?

Managed to fix all of them on my own. The last error is bugging me though… is there anyway to setup multiple parents on one machine?