[SOLVED] Fool proof way to embed?

Building site using a simple CMS for client. He (the client) also needed some clever booking script, so I bought one and installed, confident that I would be able to include it in the site’s front end which the CMS generated. Stupid me…

I have tried embed, object, iframe, jquery and whatnot. It works a first. But when any link within the embedded booking script is being clicked, the “embedment” jumps out and takes over the page.

Anyone knows how I can make the script stay embedded at all times, regardless which links in it the user might click?

Until I change, the page with the embedded script is https://varbergcruiseline.se/1.php and the embedded app is at https://varbergcruiseline.se/kalender/ which is this calendar: https://codecanyon.net/item/booking-system/87919

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated as I’m in way over my head… :-S


I think the post below has some information that you might find helpful.

I believe the part about naming an iframe and then tailoring the links to target the iframe itself may be what you need here.

Thanks Martyr2, but I solved it by skipping the CMS entirely and instead adding the CMC content (which isn´t much) to the index page of the booking app (which I tried to embed) and hence making the booking becoming the actual site.

So, case closed.