HTML and CSS embedding live updates

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m new here and was wondering if anyone could please help. I know about embedding links to live cam etc. But don’t really know about embedding webpages that updated automatrically. Let me explain. I have a website (web A) that is linked to policies (Web B). These policies change almost every week. Is it possible to link these policies on to my web A and as they update, web A automatically updates?

It’s easy enough to embed one page in another using an iframe but it sounds like you want something different to that. It sounds like you want information on the page to be shared from another site.
It’s not something I have done, but I think that would require a little bit of back-end scripting beyond html, like a simple API. It depends how your data is stored and if security is a concern.
It could be as simple as requesting a file to include, or if it needs to be secure have some kind of API key to validate the request for a file or database call.

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