Embed, iframe, object

I am trying to created a 350x350 pixel piece of embed code that other webmasters can embed in their sites to help promote our organization. I would like this to be “embedded” as some sort of iframe so that the main code remains inside an HTML file here on our sever. This way, if we need to update links, change content… it will not affect all of the embeds across the internet.

this is what I’ve done so far and it works great on my mac, but I sent it to some friends and nothing loads inside the embedded box.


Am I on the right track? Any suggestions? I’m open to all sorts of ideas. If this can’t be done with HTML, I’ll try and learn something new…

You’d probably be better off using the OBJECT element or just a server-side include styled to scroll with CSS than the propriety EMBED.

Are you actually trying to embed another page as well, as showing that simple code sample box?

Personally I am not going to install an unknown plugin though to see what is missing there.

It’s essentially an iframe that is 350px x 350px. And there is no plugin necessary, it is just html. It actually loads perfectly in Safari and Chrome but not at all in firefox.

I was just looking at youtube embeds and they use a combination of <object> and <embed> I think this might be my solution, I just need to play with it.