Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques in 2017

Hello guys,

Can you predict which social media techniques are helpful in 2017? For result oriented social media success which platforms and what kind of approaches we should focus in 2017?

I thought social media was for people to hang out, waffle and share cat pictures! They aren’t marketing platforms.

If you need to pollute social networks with advertising then try something, monitor it, if it doesn’t work try something else, until you find people that want to click your links.


In social media you can increase your brand popularity. So there is no particular techniques to promote your brand.

SMM is a platform for internet marketing which that is used social networking to promote business. The aim of SMM is to produce content for the user to share with their social network in order to promote company objective.

@baavinashkumar the OP was asking specifically about SMM techniques, not asking what SMM is.

SMM is a very good platform through which we can reach to number of peoples and knows the taste of people ( what they like ,what they want ). There are many social media platforms like Facebook ,twitter, instagram ,linkedin and many more popular social websites through you can promote your business.

@Amazedeal please try reading a topic first, before replying to it.

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i think there is not any particular technique to promote your product , you can share you product information on Different Social media channels ,