What is SMM?

i want to learn about SEM and SMO which totally unknown to me.
Can somebody help me or suggest me the tutorials. Any help would be appreciated.

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You seem to be asking about several different things here, but you might find this recent article helpful to get you started:

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SMM(Social Media Marketing)- The procedure of utilizing paid promoting to expand your client reach and build your image introduction.

Some useful and top blogs that I have witness are Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Moz, SEM Rush & Ahref’s. You can learn all about SEM and other related topics here on these sites.

What do you mean by “build your image introduction”? That phrase doesn’t mean anything to me. Please could you explain more clearly?

SMM is a process of growing leads by creating a community around your product. Provide valueable content like tips on doing something, make how to articles/videos and so on. You can use paid methods like facebook ads to attract new members to your community. But really useful content promotes itself.

The best way to learn SMM and SEO is read industry news and follow few of the best blogs around digital marketing like Moz.com,Backlinko.com,Neilpatel.com,quicksprout.com etc