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The company I work for is beginning to build their social media presence. They are a financial services firm. Which social media websites do you recommend they create? The target audience are mostly attorneys.

First and foremost, there are a lot of (countless) social media marketing topics on this forum. You might find a lot of information by simply sifting around through it.

Secondly, that depends some on their marketing strategy.

I’d argue that all businesses should have, minimally, a Facebook page, even if they disable comments and don’t update it after making it other than vital information. It gives Facebook users (lawyers and their family, friends, and employees use Facebook, too!) a way to run into the local business, is all, and it should have contact phone numbers, emails, web address, the proper current logo for the business, etc.

If you want to be active, I’d promote that and possibly Google Plus, if your firm members have networks they can leverage of contacts - Google Plus seems to cater more to networks of people interested in the things a person posts, where Facebook is sometimes more personal exchanges and news? Those are sweeping generalities though, often not the case, too.

Finally, consider what exactly they’re looking for on social media. Twitter isn’t particularly a way to garner droves of business. But it is absolutely a way to build up name recognition, keep your fingers in the current of what’s going on in the industry (financial and legal, if that be the case) and so on and so forth.

You could use targeted ads on Facebook or Google to try to get the demographics you want interested.

Really, we end up needing more information on what your goals are, who you want to be followers. Do you want lots of household name recognition and lots of followers? Or to cater more to just legal professionals? Will you be blogging or curating content (reposting links, etc) via your social media accounts? Posting silly memes? Discounts for your business?

Tell us a little more about your directives, thoughts, goals, etc.


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Social media like name mentioned “social”, many sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn is bigger and better platform for generate business and traffic for website. people connect these all social sites which easy for all customer.

I recommend Linkedin, it’s professional and easy.

@westonpalmer: I don’t use LinkedIn, but I’ve always been under the impression it was a place for individuals, rather than for companies.

It would be helpful if you could add a few lines explaining how you think @JimmySEO could best use LinkedIn for his purposes.

I completely agree with you, you can’t base your decision about what platform to utilise entirely on the popularity of the platform. What platform works for you depends on your strategic goals and value proposition. Since Facebook is the most populated platform with over 1,3 billion users, I’d also suggest having presence on it is necessary. But it’s important to find your niche. What works for others doesn’t necessarily work for your brand. There are niche platforms like Kinnect2 which are built ground up for brands and consumers to engage. The social media today is shifting towards niche platforms like Linkedin, Snapchat, Periscope so on and so forth.

My first thought would be LinkedIn, as it’s the most professional. However, if you can really commit to being active on social media (posting once a day at least) then I would say Twitter. Personally I think it defeats the point of social media marketing if you create accounts but aren’t active enough on them.

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That’s a fair point. Having a Facebook and Google+ page that are sort of set up with contact info, photos, etc are pretty good ideas no matter what. Same with a LinkedIn organization. But I wouldn’t have accounts on social media like Twitter and Instagram, as a business, if I was never going to post to them. It makes you look inactive. Same thing with blogs - so many small businesses insist on a blog page on their website, then never use it. A last post date of years ago just makes users assume the business is defunct and not even in business anymore!

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beyond a doubt Linkedin is great, but I recommend facebook ads is the best after the google adwords, I use facebook ads for impulsinar and with a good result and look that my site is filmes online, with some 200 real I reach about 250 thousand people.

For business, Facebook and LinkedIn is good platform, because there you can interact with large number of people, you can add large number of people to your friend and contact list.
Its simple more the people, more the customer you ll have.

Its upto you how many can be joined but the relevancy matters to the business and linkedIn is the best to promote the niche.

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Google+.
Now-a-day when people looking for any service they first check the reviews of service. So Your business must have online reputation. For maintain online reputation you have to use social media like facebook, twitter, linkdin, Google+.
Linkdin is the most professional social media site. It is available in 20 languages.

Can you explain how that works, @CaraMooralian? Surely your reputation is largely dependent on what other people post about you, rather than what you say about yourself?

(And please bear in mind the type of firm and target audience specified in the first post.)

You can go for Linkdin because it is considered social media having professionals and the business profile available.

I would recommend using a profile LinkedIn strategy. I think that you have to actively engage on LinkedIn through personalized messages. You need to grow your following to do that and it is a little time consuming but if your staff members are organized it can become a great asset in direct sales. People don’t read linkedIn but they do connect so pages are not as effective as, say Facebook.

LinkedIn profiles, but organized your connection in market segments

Hello jimmy,

To create social media presence in your niche i recommend you facebook, twitter and linkedin. These are the most easy way to reach your desire audience in short time. All you have to do is use your tactics to crate the relevant audience to follow/like your page or account or you can create campaigns because its the easiest and bit costly way to find your desire audience. But there is plenty of website in US according to your niche, Hope you will find some.