So Now What?

Hi there,

Hi There,

Ok, here’s a question from a comparative novice who’s just spent the last year or so getting to grips with HTML/CSS and Dreamweaver.

Now, traditionally at this point in my learning it would probably be time to move on to learning Flash (assuming that I wanted to start adding animation to my sites), but even Adobe seem to have accepted that Flash is in decline, and that with Apples help will soon be obsolete.

So the question is, where do I turn now? Yes I know that Adobe has released Edge (Beta), but it seems to me this app still has a long way to go, and it’s not even possible to download a non-expiring version at this point. I’ve also read one or two fairly negative reviews :

Then there’s Tumult Hype, this program is also in its early stages and doesn’t support things like Web Fonts.

It occurs to me that both of these apps seem to use CSS3 and JS/JQ, would it be very difficult to achieve similar (and perhaps even better) results by learning to hand code JS?

So, if a client approached you TODAY and wanted to add some animated content to his/her site (not an over-the-top amount, maybe just an animated logo and some buttons) How would you implement it?