Flash noobie looking for a bit of guidance

Hi guys. I’m new to web design and I’m currently working on my first website. Right now I’m just working on the design of it, and for the moment I’m not too worried about coding it.

I have some ideas that I’ve thought of for design, and they require the use of flash.

I’m just beginning to learn flash, so right now I don’t have the knowledge to bring my ideas to life, nor am I really sure how to go about learning these techniques. I’m learning the basics of flash, but what I need to be able to create what I want hasn’t come up yet.

So I’ve come here to ask for a bit of direction. I know you guys are busy so I don’t want to ask too much. I will describe what I’m trying to accomplish below. If you could either link me to a tutorial that describes the process, or if you simply know the terms that describe the effect I’m trying to get, please post that so I can google it and try to find a tutorial that way. Of course you are welcome to write a brief tutorial of your own if you have the time.


  1. I’m going to have several images on my website that are really the core of the site. I want a border to kind of “wrap” around the images when the page loads. So instead of the borders being around the images to begin with, I would like the border to begin at a point on the image and then expand to become a full border. For instance the border would start at the top of the image, and expand to the left and right until it covered the top, then it would turn down and cover the sides, then the bottom.

  2. When users click an image I would like the image to flip around as if to show the back. I’ve seen this on another website. You click the image and it appears to flip around showing content. Its as if you’re picking up a picture, turning it around, and there is writing on the back. Usually the picture enlarges during the process so there is more space for content. I hope that is clear enough but it is kind of hard to describe.

  3. My images are going to be in black and white when the page loads, but i want for the images to show color when a user hovers over them with the mouse. I don’t want this to be an abrupt change though. I would like the image to kind of fade into color over about a second or two.

Thanks for your help!