So I want to switch to Opera

I’ve gotten tired of Firefox’s bugginess. The currrent version won’t let me drag tabs, bookmarks or buttons to toolbars. I couldn’t figure out which add-on was causing it so I’ll keep it for testing purposes and for sites which won’t work in Opera no matter what but as of now I’m done. However, I don’t know of any alternative for Adblock or Noscript. Any suggestions?

Google Chrome.

Google Chromes “Web Store” is really easy to navigate, and although it’s called the “Web Store” you can actually find pretty much anything you need for free. I have web dev tools, ad blockers, calculators…I almost use it as if it were my operating system. It’s also the fastest, the most popular, and supports HTML5 (if that’s important to you) better than any other browser except IE9 - believe it or not.

It’s lightweight, can be installed on a thumb drive if you need it, kickass console, and easy to modify/add plugins.

[font=verdana]Opera has features built in that cover most of the popular Firefox plug-ins.

In terms of NoScript, you can disable Javascript globally (it’s either the context menu or the F12 menu, I can’t remember which and unfortunately I can’t run it on my work computer :-(), or you can disable/enable it on a site-by-site basis, by going to ‘Site preferences’ on the context menu.

In terms of AdBlock, I’m not aware of anything automatic, but you can block content from annoying advertisers. Call up the context menu and choose ‘Block content’, then click on the offending ads and you won’t see any more from that site. (Sometimes it will only block a subfolder with the domain, eg [noparse]*[/noparse], but you can go back into the blocked content list and edit out the subfolder if you want to blacklist the entire domain).

Play around with the thousands of features that Opera has, really get to grips with all the possibilities as a surfer and as a developer, and you’ll never go back to any of the other browsers out there…[/font]

Stevie, check out Chrome AdBlock. I remember a few months ago a poll going around by the developer to port it to Opera, it might be out now. It’s automatic and fast. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I saw an ad. Even removes ads from video services like YouTube - it’s pretty amazing. And free.

Opera does have a decent collection of plugins now. Even adblock plugins that work as well as what the other browsers have.

The only browser left out in the cold is IE.

Opera is really a decent choice. After chrome I will only look for that.

Opera is really a good choice, After Google chrome. It is best.

IE8/9, has an adblock built in…it is not called adblock however.
And their are plenty of addons for IE to block ads.

My knee-jerk reaction was disbelief, so I figured it was worth a test. To the best of my knowledge, is today’s equivalent to the Acid test. Chrome scores 402/500, while IE9 scores 138/500.

InPrivate Filtering? The pop-up blocker? Those really doesn’t act like an ad blocker, nor do they come populated with pre-defined lists.

I did some searching in Microsoft’s Add-on site, as well as third-party sites, and I really didn’t find anything that was free, current, or comparable to the ad block plugins for other browsers.

Is there something you’re thinking of that I didn’t stumble across in my quick search?

It does have have a nifty cookie blocker.

The same list that Adblocker (from Firefox) uses IE9 can use.

Ghostery can run on Opera.

The lack of NoScript it a downer. Manually turning JS on and off per domain is a pain in the butt, though you can make a whitelist (or a blacklist).

Opera allows keyboard navigation by heading tag though which is pretty awesome. You have to turn it on: Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Shortcuts there’s a checkbox called Enable Single-Key Shortcuts. If you check that, you can use s and w keys to move forwards or backwards by heading tags. Very awesome.

You can put the JavaScript checkbox in the status bar making it easy to turn it on an off with a single click.

You can also configure all the JavaScript settings as to what you allow and disallow on a site by site basis by opening the site preferences - scripting page within the browser.

For each of the 30 domains wanting to run scripts, for every page request? While there are plenty of places I want all JS off (like here, SitePoint), there are pages who don’t work unless you allow just one script of theirs… meanwhile, that doesn’t mean I want to keep track of 300 different possible web beacons, analytics scripts or trackers.

Ghostery kinda helps with that, but nowhere near as easily as NoScript.

Nice find. I hadn’t seen that anywhere else.

I want to suggest you to use safari. That is a nice browser and the boss to save the preference and the cookies of the site.

Mozilla Firefox is fast browser then others. Firefox is best.

  • Mozilla Firefox easy to navigate.

  • Mozilla Firefox speed is fast.


Opera has three options for View->images, select either Show, Cached or No images. The latter option decreases load time dramatically for most web pages. I did used to have a single click option to show blocked images but a quick look failed to find the option and three clicks are required :frowning:

Please bear in mind that adverts are the only source of income for many sites.

The more income a web-master receives will no doubt increase the site quality and perhaps pay for a faster server. I think you should show adverts and encourage free enterprise. Maybe a poll…

Opera is a great browser. I’ve used Google Chrome and did not like it one bit. Opera is my browser of choice.