Opera 10.5

Is it just me, or does opera 10.5 actually feel slower? They claim it’s supposed to be faster, but it sure doesn’t feel like it to me.

The super fast backbutton seems to be gone too. I used to be able to backwards, or forwards through recent history and the pages would display pretty much instantly. Not any more…

I’m not really fond of some of the ui changes either…man what a bummer. opera was my favorite browser, I hope some of these changes are configurable :frowning:

Dan, I think you can change that behaviour here: opera:config#UserPrefs|UseWindows7TaskbarThumbnails

Much better, thanks :tup:

I have a weird way of working with browsers. I start with a Chrome window which is always open with about a dozen tabs. The stuff I want to be aware of every day, like this forum.

When I start working I start another Chrome window with a set of tabs related to what I’m doing, which I usually move to the second monitor. I use Chrome to start because it’s the fastest and most seamless at opening and closing tabs, and dragging tabs out of and between different windows. Every other browser is either slower or implements the UI in a more time-consuming way.

Then I get distracted by something, like Hacker News, which I’ll open in a third window and start opening stories in tabs. I’ll usually want to keep this window open with the stuff I want to read after I do some more work in the tabs.

In the course of working on something, I eventually exceed the dozen or so tabs that are manageable in one window before you can’t easily tell what tab goes to what page. That’s when I start opening multiple different browsers. Now I have different taskbar icons corresponding to different groups of websites – Chrome on monitor 1 is one set, Chrome on monitor 2 is another, Opera on monitor 1 is a 3rd set of tabs, Firefox on monitor 1 is a 4th set…

fastest browsers are really Opera 10.5 and Chrome 4

new Opera should be faster in multiple types of tests as Google Chrome 4, but standard user will not see the difference without measurements

e.g. Chrome is still faster in complicated mathematical computation in javascript, but who does such things in standard web site ?

Changes in UI I will not comment, it is just user preference

I am really pleased with the new version of Opera, it finally supports CSS3 that the previous version didn’t (which I use in my new look web design), I guess my release cycle for my website was seriously well placed because now every single browser has some form of “effects” (previously Opera had to go without as there wasn’t any way to emulate the CSS3). Of course it worked in that old version but now it looks and runs super pretty! :slight_smile:

PS: OMG, They FINALLY fixed the bug with the back / forward button issue with fragment links… took them a whole 5 years but they did it!

Opera’s debugging process: take the old bugs out, put new bugs in.

I’m really pleased with Opera 10.50, too. Can’t wait for the Linux version! The new UI took some getting used to, but I do like it now. Even the silly effects (except the tab animation, which is just annoying). The dimming when you search within the page, for instance, and the new non-modal dialog boxes.

Sounds like every software vendor to me.

Sorry to ask for the stupid ques,what is OPERS
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[color=red][b]O[/b][/color]pera is a web browser. It’s very fast, very standards compliant and extremely configurable. It is also free and it’s available for most platforms, so why don’t you download it and try it?

I’m not fond of how they did the new interface with Windows 7. They have created a taskbar icon per window tab instead of per window. This makes it impossible to quickly switch between groups of related tabs in different windows the way I do with Chrome.