So I have been kicking around this idea for a game

Now I know I’m far from being able to do it right now but here goes.
Not sure how many people here know what text adventures are but the idea always appealed to me in the sense that unlike traditional video games you use your imagination and picture the words before you. What if you could take that blend it with RPG elements like stats and equipment. So a kind of text based RPG. The main story focuses on trying to get this stargate like device to fire up. When it finally does it gives users the ability to go to ‘realms’ created by other people.

All of this done on web tech through a web browser with the potential to have it turned into a web app for smart phone / tablet use. Best thing in the world. Open source it. So the main realm list is handled through GIT. Hopefully when its over opening the gate brings up a list of the realms in the git repo. With the option to search for certain things.

I’m absurdly far from having this done or even working on it but I wanted to run the idea through sitepoint.

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