A game concept at least. [not sure if this should be here]

So tell me what you think?

Game Name: yet to be named
Code type: Web languages

Game Type:
Text based multi user dungeon rpg game.

General story:
You are a relic Hunter in a world that used to be ‘Connected’ to a massive gate network. There stands an old gate in the middle of town that has not worked for hundreds of years. No one knows why this is but one day you happen upon a rare kind of material. Upon re-entry to the city the material starts to glow when you go near the gate. For the first time in a few generations the gate lights up. Allowing connection to the outside again.

The gate network is basically the players way to connect to other players world’s with the main world serving as a central hub.

This concept might change I’ll leave the home world as a tutorial zone only with the next world you go to acting as a hub.

Most likely there will be a series of starting worlds connected to the hub world. As more people get involved more world’s should crop up to be explored.

From the hub the players can choose to be what they want.

The catch:
Players can create their own world’s. Thus expanding the known universe.

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the plan to gather objects which enables your world to be built but your special material can only protect you but not the objects you gather so you have to save the objects by solving puzzles in conquests of battle or solving riddles. Points could be earned as you go along collecting objects and by conquering other players.
At each level you pass successfully your future world develops into higher quicker technology.

I like it! Sort of Diaspora, but for a game.

I used to play a lot of browser games back in the day, that were essentially MUDs. I’ve actually recently started brainstorming how to recreate my favorite one using modern tech.

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