SMS AT Command usign PHP GSM Modem

Hi everyone

So I want to make sms application using PHP but problem is that how can I use AT command with PHP and GSM Modem.
Here I would like to tell you that I do not want to use Api

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Welcome to Sitepoint Farhan.

You can use the fopen, fwrite etc … to write to serial ports.


Am trying to send AT commands to my GSMmodem device , in linux with PHP
Am sure it is /dev/ttyusb1
But with this code device respond the same command and code prints that command
e.g if we send ATD00 it responds ATD00 , or with AT it responds AT instead of Ok, why ?

Regards dehqan

Thank you all for attentions ;
Weird but solved with using another symbolink of Device
Weird because other App in linux in the same time were using for example /dev/ttyusb1 but php code works with /dev/ttyusb3 …

Regards dehqan

Dear friend,
I am meed level php programmer, I want to send and receive SMS using AT command through GSM modem or phone,
if you have solved sending/receiving SMS can i ask for the source code?
Thanks in advance.