Which function is used to send sms

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To send emails we use php mail( ) function.

But what function of php is used to send sms on mobile phone ??

how to send sms through php script ??


There is none. You must use an external service like https://www.smsapi.com/

hi Lemon_Juice

thanks for the link

but still i wan to know if there is none function in php then how do “smsapi” connects with php and sends sms

there must be a name of that technology or feature that connects php with mobile network


Is this what you want?

hi SamA74

Will i be able to send different message to different customers with the sample code provided on this link page


That code relates to the SMSAPI link provided by @Lemon_Juice I followed the links there (library section) about PHP.
I have never used this, so cannot advise. I was just looking for how the API can be accessed with php.
I believe you will need to create an account on SMSAPI to use the code.

Yes. This is paid service, you will need to create an account and then you will be able to send sms messages. Besides the sample php code read the documentation provided on smsapi.com.

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Some SMS services also have an email interface (and I haven’t followed the link above so that might be one of them) - so you send an email in a specific format to a specific address, and their service sends the SMS. Some I have seen ask you to put the destination phone number in the email subject line, others use it as the first part of the email address, so you’d email to mobilephone@gatewayserver.email for example.

You can use php mail() funtion to send an SMS

We have to go with third party SMS gateway…

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