Identify gammu with php exec

hi all

i am new at gammu and i have success to identify gammu with this command “gammu --identify” in command dos (windows 7 x86bit) but i got problem when i want to identify my phone (gammu) use php exec here is my snippet code

echo exec(dirname(__FILE__).'/gammu/bin/gammu --identify');

the above code result is

SIM IMSI             : 510891604883532

where the result in command dos is just like bellow picture

what’s wrong with my code? and i can’t check my pulse too when using this command

"echo exec(dirname(__FILE__).'/gammu/bin/gammu getuusd *111*1#');

but it’s work in my command dos instead!

exec only returns the last line of the output. If you want the full output, use shell_exec ( instead.

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