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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me with an issue I am having with my Wordpress college assignment ( ) please. I am currently trying to change the size of the video on my website to be smaller to fit properly on the screen and to stretch the slider at the top of the page to cover the full width of the screen. Any CSS I have tried so far doesn’t seem to work.
I would appreciate any sort of help!

The video seems to resize to fit the width of the page. It’s ragged because of delays caused by the massive JavaScript load, but it usually works. “header-bottom”, on the other hand, could use some TLC to prevent it from growing excessively tall at the narrowest widths.

“About Dublin Donuts” wastes horizontal space by not floating the image and allowing the text to flow beneath it as the width narrows. The parent container, “tg-column-wrapper” is a float clearing wrapper; however the two floating divs inside are also assigned {display:table-cell;} and margins. display:table-cell is non-functional.

The Gift Card and other images do not have their native size in the HTML width and height attributes. Instead, they have have a “wishful” size, which also appears in the CSS, which does not conform to their aspect ratio so they look distorted. Because of the fixed height, the distortion is more obvious at narrow widths. These images should maintain their native aspect ratio as they scale, even if it means cropping the image using your photo editing software, and no fixed heights. The sizes of the images do not have to match, but their aspect ratios should.

I did not try to find all of the causes triggering the horizontal scroll bar on the home page in Firefox. I suspect non-wrapping text (#customizeyourdonut) could be one culprit. There are more.

You might want to validate the pages, too.

Hope this helps.

PS: FYI, I cannot view the home page reliably using 32 bit Firefox. The slider disappears and does not return until I quit and reopen FF; and FF drags. IMO, Wordpress = bloatware.

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Thanks very much for your help @ronpat I really appreciate it!

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