Slideshow with images and pop-up videos

Hi guys,

I have a website where I would like to set up slideshow to display images and videos. I want the slideshow to always be the exact same dimensions so it does not scale depending from image or video size. The problem with this is that images have different dimensions from images and thus either videos or images get stretched. I decided for videos it would be the best to use image as a link to video pop-up. So when you click on image link, it opens a pop-up with video which can then be closed. Alternatively, simple image slides do nothing when clicked on. Do you know any slideshow plugins which do that?

Do you know any wordpress plugin which does that?

There are many that do the task of image / video display. You could scale with height constant so that images maintain the height and then scale width accordingly. I think even NextGen gallery has that feature for images and you can install a video plugin along with it to make it video compatible.